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18th, 21st, Engaged, OH MY!

“Every birthday is a gift. Every day is a gift”
– Aretha Franklin

At Prestige HOPE, our goal is to help you celebrate your party with absolute ridiculousness, fun, style and class! Whatever your theme is, we will have something to suit.

We offer two party packages covering birthdays or celebration events, such as engagement parties, which are perfect on their own, or customizable for your unique touch! These packages give you the basics to build on, just add decorations yourself, or contact our design team for a quote!

Our team have decades experience in the hospitality industry and know a great party when they see one! Let us help you with your event planning, decorations, catering, band, the list is endless! Our packages start with the party prop basics, if you want more, let us know you party animal!


We Offer HOPE

Get This Party Started!


Our Party Packages give you the basics for party props. Slightly individually styled, for a specific birthday or event, just let us know! Examples of ‘Backdrops’ are in our asset list, you can choose from gorgeous designs like our Flowers are Fab, Get Troppo or our You’re A Star Wall!

e x a m p l e s

All packages are customisable, if you have something special in mind, tell us!

Balloon Bouquet x 2- custom cake smash
Balloon Ceiling – Corporate Event

"We were stuck last minute after a vendor canceled, thank God for Prestige HOPE!"

James Davis

"Your team were a pleasure from the start. Planning a 21st when you're a daggy mum is no easy feat! Thanks for making it a lot less stressful."

Stephanie Rawson

"Prestige HOPE, love, love, love. Couldn't recommend your designs enough. THANK YOU."

Tyler Shaw


Examples of What’s Possible

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