a small coloured rubber bag which is inflated with air and then sealed at the neck, used as a child’s toy or a decoration.



a wreath of flowers and leaves (or balloons!), worn on the head or hung as a decoration.

Specialty balloons are changing the way people are celebrating and decorating occassions! Ballon Garlands, Balloon Props, Sculpted Balloons, we do it all!

The use of different flowers, feathers and crafts, really personalise your design and bring your dreams to life! Contact our team today for more info

Not Just A Balloon

“Please hold my hand for every balloon needs a string to stay grounded.”
Wald Wassermann

The balloon is no longer humble and we like it! Gone are the days of boring balloons and here are the days of balloons being a stylish. fun and gorgeous way for you to express yourself, your brand or your day!

Prestige HOPE can make Garlands from one metre to ten metres or more! We use different sizes, different colours and textiles to bring your dream to life! Using only high quality balloons, starting at $40/m for a standard 1m length, our balloon garlands suit every budget.

Check out some examples below and start dreaming of your perfect garland! We offer several colour themes to choose from, or make up your own! The options are endless. We are constantly adding new themes and ideas, so check back often!

Balloon Garland Colour Theme Suggestions

With Prestige HOPE



Fairy Floss




Summer Sky


Walkin’ On Sunshine



It Don’t Matter





Specialty Balloon*




"We were stuck last minute after a vendor canceled, thank God for Prestige HOPE!"

James Davis

"Your team were a pleasure from the start. Planning a 21st when you're a daggy mum is no easy feat! Thanks for making it a lot less stressful."

Stephanie Rawson

"Prestige HOPE, love, love, love. Couldn't recommend your designs enough. THANK YOU."

Tyler Shaw

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